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Eternal Digital Assets Open Beta Goes Live!

Posted on 2022-11-14 · 2 min read


Eternal Digital Assets (EDA) is pleased to announce the initial rollout phase for its widely anticipated marketplace for Web3 domains. This Open Beta phase, immediately available to all users today, marks another milestone in Eternal Digital Assets’ efforts to disrupt the Web3 economy.

Starting today, users can list their Polygon-based Web3 domains on the Eternal Digital Assets marketplace. The listing process is relatively seamless and only requires connecting your Web3 wallet and navigating to the List a Domain page.


Eternal Digital Assets is also rolling out minting access and enabling users to edit their profiles from the Seller DashboardOther features, notably including buying, selling, and leasing Web3 domains, will be unlocked following the platform’s full release on November 20

We are launching in Open Beta to enable users to get hands-on experience with our platform ahead of a full launch. While EDA has conducted rigorous internal testing for the marketplace, we look forward to comprehensive feedback from our beloved community in the coming days.

Eternal Digital Assets is poised to change the narrative around Web3 domains and unlock massive value for investors. The journey is just starting, and we’re genuinely excited about what’s coming!