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Eternal Digital Assets Announces November 20 Launch Date

Posted on 2022-11-12 · 3 min read


The wait is almost over! Eternal Digital Assets (EDA) is excited to announce that its widely anticipated marketplace for Web3 domains and other digital assets is set to launch on November 20. The latest development marks another step in the right direction for the Web3 disruptor.

The Eternal Digital Assets platform is set to become the first platform to support the buying, selling, renting, and development of Web3 domains. This first-of-its-kind infrastructure, powered by blockchain-based smart contracts, will unlock unprecedented opportunities for Web3 domain investors. It will also drive the adoption of Web3 domains as a medium for users to create a digital identity.

With over three million registered Web3 domains globally, releasing the first dedicated platform for these assets provides existing holders the opportunity to maximize their investment. The EDA platform will initially allow users to sell or lease their domains in a decentralized fashion. Eternal Digital Assets is also on track to offer a Web3 domain builder service for users to launch web properties on their domains with minimal effort.

As the launch date approaches, the Eternal Digital Assets team will continue rigorous testing on the platform, focusing on identifying and fixing bugs that might affect user experience. Eternal Digital Assets has also agreed with a highly reputable blockchain security firm to audit its underlying smart contracts.

Meanwhile, interested early users can still apply to list their domains to stand a chance to win big in our ongoing Pre-Launch Campaign. These are fascinating times ahead! We are deeply excited about what’s coming and look forward to launching the EDA platform on November 20.