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What Do You Need Help With?

  • Getting Started
  • Marketplace Orders
  • Vendors and Buyers
  • Platform Fees
  • QuickBuild (Web3 Website Builder)
  • Blockchain and Transactions
  • Security
  • FAQ for Beginners

Getting Started

What is a Web3 domain?

A Web3 domain is a blockchain-based asset that replaces hard-to-remember cryptocurrency wallet addresses with something as simple as abc.crypto. They also allow users to host websites pointed toward their unique usernames.

Users can trade their Web3 domains using the Eternal Digital Assets marketplace.

How do I get started?

If you already have a Metamask wallet installed on your browser, you can get started by using the Wallet icon on any page of our marketplace to "Connect your Wallet."

Follow this link to download Metamask if you don't already have it.

Once installed and connected to the EDA marketplace, you can access the site's full functionalities, including buying, selling, listing, and auctions.

Do I need a username and password?

No. In the world of Web3, your wallet address is your passport. Create and connect your wallet to start surfing our marketplace. No username or password is required!

Marketplace Orders

How do I place a buy order?

  • Click on the Buy button for the domain you wish to purchase.
  • Make an offer on the domain page (include your preferred currency and input your desired purchase price).
  • Place the order and wait for the vendor to accept or decline the order.

How do I confirm a buy order?

Once a buyer places an order on your listed domain, you'll find the option to Accept or Decline the offer.

  • Head over to the Listed Domains option after connecting your wallet. 
  • Review offers on your domains and choose whether or not to accept the offer.
  • If you approve the purchase, EDA automatically transfers the domain to the buyer and credits your wallet with the purchase amount instantly.

Vendors and Buyers

How do I register as a vendor?

There is no formal registration required. You can simply connect your Web3 wallet to list your domains on our marketplace.

How do I register as a buyer?

There is no formal registration required. You can simply connect your Web3 wallet to make offers and buyer domains on our marketplace.


How do I list my domain for renting?

  • Navigate to Marketplace > Web3 Domains > List Domain
  • Provide the domain name and description and hit submit. The next page opens up if the domain is in the wallet used to connect to the EDA platform.
  • Scroll down to Rent on the domain listing details and specify the listing terms.
  • Finalize the listing.
  • View the listing by going to Seller Dashboard > Domains for Rent

Platform Fees

What is the fee structure of the EDA marketplace?

Eternal Digital Assets collects a flat 2.25% fee from the seller on each item sold through our marketplace. There are no fees on the buyer side.

QuickBuild —Web3 Website Builder

How Do I Get Started?

Navigate to QuickBuild from the top menu on the EDA marketplace. Click on Start Now to enter the website builder.

How Do I Customize a Website?

Write your website's title and include a logo from the options provided in the QuickBuild header section. 

The Website Settings tab supports the integration of a fixed background image or color. You can also insert relevant site metadata such as Site Title, Description, and Favicon.

Next, use the Layout and Height features on the builder to add new sections to your website. 

Click Add Section to add a selected layout or height to your website. You can use images, texts, and links and customize each section to your preference. 

The Preview button allows you to view progress and includes an option to continue editing site features. Once satisfied with your website design, you can use the Complete button to exit the development phase.

What is the service charge for the Web3 website builder?

It costs only $49 USDC to create your Web3 website using our plug-and-play builder tool. The fee is required at checkout and only after you're satisfied with your website's design. Hold the USDC amount in your Polygon wallet to ensure a seamless checkout experience.

I don't have a Web3 domain. What do I do?

Mint a new Web3 domain (via our partners at Freename) or browse through the Eternal Digital Assets Web3 domain marketplace to find your perfect domain.

Blockchain and Transactions 

What are Gas Fees?

This is a fee paid to the underlying blockchain network to validate and confirm transactions you conduct on our marketplace. 

While we optimize our smart contracts to ensure users get the best fees, we do not in any way define the gas fee. The gas fee is controlled by external factors such as increased network usage or congestion.

Meanwhile, the EDA marketplace utilizes the Polygon blockchain, ensuring low fees and fast settlements.

How Do I Get My Transaction Hash?

An EDA customer representative may require your transaction hash to assist in the investigation of a failed order. 

You can find the transaction hash by checking your wallet's transaction history and opening the failed transaction on a block explorer. The transaction hash is usually visible in the failed transaction history.


How does EDA guarantee platform security?

Eternal Digital Assets guarantees platform security by using industry-grade technical infrastructure to host its marketplace and associated properties. Similarly, we embrace the highest blockchain security standards with a verifiable audit of all smart contracts underpinning the platform. 

Eternal Digital Assets also conducts periodic security audits ensuring customers can transact freely on our marketplace without worrying about the risk of security breaches.

What if a vendor is selling a hacked or stolen domain?

Eternal Digital Assets has zero tolerance for vendors trying to sell hacked or stolen Web3 domains on our marketplace. Our team will promptly investigate complaints submitted about any such domains listed on our platform and place a permanent ban on accounts that violate these rules.

FAQ for Beginners: NFTs and Wallet

What is a wallet?

A wallet is a piece of software that allows users to hold and transfer digital assets, as well as interact with decentralized protocols such as those used on the EDA marketplace.

We strongly recommend using the Metamask wallet to get the best experience on Eternal Digital Assets.

What is a wallet address?

A wallet address is a unique identifier similar to your bank account number. It is used to send and receive digital assets in your wallet.

Which wallets are supported on Eternal Digital Assets?

The EDA marketplace currently supports Metamask and the WalletConnect integration available on most popular Web3 wallets including Coinbase and Trust Wallet.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a unique blockchain-based asset that enables ownership of digital items such as art, music, in-game characters, Web3 domains, and more. 

On the EDA marketplace, users exchange Web3 domains as NFTs. An NFT represents ownership of the domain and transferring the underlying NFT gives the recipient access to the asset.

What is minting?

Minting is the process of confirming information such as your chosen domain name and recording it on the blockchain. Users receive an NFT for the minted domain upon successful completion.

You can purchase and mint your Web3 domain at an exclusive 10% discount using our partners at Unstoppable Domains.