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Eternal Digital Assets Releases Sneak Peek Into Upcoming Web3 Marketplace

Posted on 2022-10-28 · 3 min read

Eternal Digital Assets (EDA) is building a premier marketplace for trading Web3 domain names and other digital assets. Today, we are delighted to release a sneak peek into our upcoming marketplace which is set to drive Web3 adoption.


Underpinned by the Polygon Network, the Eternal Digital Assets platform is set to become the first dedicated Web3 domain marketplace powered by smart contracts. It will enable users to buy, sell, lease and auction Web3 domains in a seamless experience.


The EDA marketplace offers a holistic suite of solutions for vendors to manage domain listings, user profile buyer inquiries, and promotions. Vendors can define pricing for listed domains, sort listings in order of priority, and find highly insightful guides to maximize sales on the marketplace.


The Eternal Digital Assets marketplace also meets the needs of buyers by providing sophisticated tools for sorting through listed Web3 domains. Buyers can place instant orders or submit offers using USDC or MATIC.

On the EDA marketplace, trades are automatically settled by underlying smart contracts, ensuring a straightforward experience for all parties. The Eternal Digital Assets team is continually exploring new functionalities that will deliver optimal platform performance upon the marketplace’s release.

Meanwhile, users can immediately access the marketplace using the most popular wallet options. Upon launch, users can immediately start trading Web3 domains using Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and the popular WalletConnect extension.


Eternal Digital Assets is proud to pioneer the adoption of Web3 digital identity through its soon-to-launch marketplace. We look forward to providing further updates soon as we approach a beta release. These are really exciting times ahead and the best is yet to come!

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