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How can I host my website on IPFS?
Upload your Web3 website as an HTML file using the option provided above. No website? No problem. Use the EDA QuickBuild tool to build a Web3 website in less than five minutes.
Why Use IPFS for Web3 websites?
IPFS is an ideal companion for Web3 domains since both systems utilize a decentralized structure. This means that Web3 websites are more private and secure. It is almost impossible for anyone (besides the owner) to shut down or modify a website uploaded to IPFS.
Can I Modify My Website After Uploading?
Yes. If you use our QuickBuild Web3 builder tool, you can easily modify your website on the EDA platform. Go to Seller Dashboard > My Websites. Alternatively, you can upload a new website to your Web3 domain using this IPFS hosting page.
How much does it cost to host a Web3 website?
We offer the most competitive prices for hosting a Web3 website. You can purchase our Recommend Hosting Plan for 1 USDC monthly (12 months). This plan is usually convenient for most Web3 sites as they see less traffic and can thrive with just 1GB storage and 2GB bandwidth. However, you can explore our other hosting plans if you anticipate slightly higher traffic and bandwidth usage.