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Mint Unstoppable Domains

Supporting: .crypto / .nft / .x / .wallet / .polygon / .dao / .888 / .zil / .blockchain / .bitcoin

A Web3 domain is your ticket to explore the exciting world of decentralized applications.

Mint your first domain via our partners at Unstoppable Domains and get a
10% cashback in USDC!

Why get a Web3 domain?

A Web3 domain is your passport to the decentralized web.

Digital identity

Created a uniform identity across different social media platforms. Access decentralized applications (dApps) with a simple login ID.

Seamless payments

Ditch long cryptocurrency addresses and receive payments with a simple username. Unstoppable Domains is supported by the most popular crypto wallets and exchange platforms.

Web3 website address

Build a Web3 website that is accessible on popular browsers such as Brave and Opera. Bind your Web3 domain to your address and host it within minutes using our QuickBuild solution.

How does the 10% cashback on Unstoppable Domains work?

First-time users receive a 10% cashback in USDC for Web3 domains minted using this portal. The cashback applies to your first domain purchase and is paid out up to 10 minutes after your purchase to the address used to register the domain.