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Eternal Digital Assets Doubles Down on Web3 Onboarding With Fresh Initiatives

Posted on 2023-07-26 · 4 min read


Eternal Digital Assets (EDA), a pioneer in the Web3 space, provides a decentralized marketplace for domain names and QuickBuild – a user-friendly solution for building Web3 websites. Eternal Digital Assets is fully committed to driving Web3 adoption and has doubled down on its mission with fresh initiatives.

Eternal Digital Assets is pleased to unveil its new platform, designed to streamline the onboarding experience for newcomers to the Web3 space. With only less than 1% of the world's internet population using Web3 products, Web3 Onboarding expedites the process of going from a newbie to a Web3 expert within the shortest possible time.

Users will find helpful resources to create and fund a Web3 wallet, buy their first Web3 domain and build a Web3 website using QuickBuild. QuickBuild's seamless design also means users can immediately host their Web3 site on the decentralized web and access them using popular browsers.

Eternal Digital Assets reckons that increasing the number of Web3 native websites significantly boosts the value of their underlying domain names and drives increased activity in the emerging industry. Combining the new Web3 Onboarding platform with QuickBuild's plug-and-play solution for building Web3 sites represents a massive step in the right direction for the space.

Still, in line with its mission to spur Web adoption, Eternal Digital Assets will attend the landmark BREATHE! Convention on September 13-15, 2023. The emerging technologies convention will be held at the World Market Center in Las Vegas and will provide ample opportunity for EDA to connect to new audiences and showcase its innovative solutions for Web3 users. 

Eternal Digital Assets will team up with premiere partner, Freename to distribute 750 Web3 sites and corresponding domain names parked at the .disrupt top-level Web3 domain. This means that attendees will be among the first people in the world to own a domain name and website under the trademarked .disrupt TLD. Similar to .com, .org, and .crypto, the .disrupt TLD has the potential to underpin the next generation of multi-billion dollar online businesses, especially in the Web3 world.

Eternal Digital Assets' latest initiatives, including a bumper affiliate program launched in the past week, demonstrate an unwavering belief in the potential embedded in Web3 technologies. The future remains extremely bright for the Web3 industry, and EDA is excited to play no small role in turning this future into a reality.