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Eternal Digital Assets Announces Bumper QuickBuild Affiliate Program

Posted on 2023-07-14 · 3 min read


Eternal Digital Assets (EDA), a pioneer in Web3 adoption, is pleased to unveil a bumper affiliate program for its QuickBuild service. QuickBuild is a plug-and-play solution that empowers users to build and launch a Web3 website within a few minutes. Using QuickBuild, anyone can build a website that resolves to their Web3 domain name and is accessible using popular browsers, including Brave, Opera, and the Freename browser extension.

Eternal Digital Assets will accelerate the adoption of QuickBuild and related Web3 products through its newly launched affiliate program. Digital marketers, influencers, and all Web3 enthusiasts can generate lifelong passive income by recommending QuickBuild to their friends and followers. 

Affiliates will receive a lucrative $10 reward on every sale, with a further $2.5 on every sale made by a user they had referred. You can sign up for and manage your QuickBuild affiliate account here.

QuickBuild is an exciting resource for the Web3 space. It addresses a major bottleneck that has slowed the adoption of domain names. Unlike the traditional domain industry, where anyone can easily launch a website, the process of achieving something similar in the Web3 world is unfriendly, especially for newcomers.

With QuickBuild, however, users can instantly build a website, host it on the decentralized internet, and access it – all within a few minutes. Besides, users can also buy, sell, and rent Web3 domains using the Eternal Digital Assets marketplace. The EDA marketplace and QuickBuild support major Web3 domain name providers, including Freename, Unstoppable Domains, and ENS (domain trading only).

The introduction of the QuickBuild affiliate program marks another milestone in our effort to boost Web3 adoption while opening up lucrative income opportunities for its community. Interested affiliates can get started right away and earn rewards for playing their part in taking Web3 mainstream.